Our relationships with our domestic dogs.

When I started down the road to become a CPDT, the first thing I did was track down books that every trainer should read. On the short list was “Culture Clash,” by Jean Donaldson. It was suggested by numerous people and it surely did not disappoint. As many other people who are familiar with this book, I have read it multiple times. The one thing it did better than anything I have ever read was shift my preconceptions about what a true, inspired and mutually beneficial relationship with a dog actually looked like. If I had the resources, I would supply a copy to everyone in the world who cares for a dog. I ran across this blog which reignited my gratitude for this book and Jean Donaldson. Please read the original post and then order the book. It will be money and time well spent.

Have you read The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson? Here’s a excerpt that showcases Donaldson’s skill and understanding of dogs and dog behavior.


2 thoughts on “Our relationships with our domestic dogs.

  1. Thank you so much for posting this link to my blog! Finding this made my day 🙂 I wish that Donaldson’s work was more mainstream, her books really should be more of a part of popular culture – and, I think, incorporated into our educational system. It’s a huge frustration to find TV trainers receiving more notoriety when the real professionals remain largely unknown by the greater public.

    • You make a very good point. I sometimes include it as suggested reading to my training clients; I think I will do it more. And I completely agree about the television personalities. We just posted a recent entry about Dominance Theory. It’s just a matter of time until positive training takes it place among the masses. For now, we just have to keep spreading the word.

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