My Pledge

I am a student of dogs. They teach me everyday and I am willing to learn. I promise to watch and listen intently. My goal is to help every dog I have the privilege of working to feel safer than when I arrived. I believe in empowerment, confidence and joy. I believe in comfort and honoring a dog’s superpowers while respecting their limitations – momentary or not.
With me they will be safe. A dog will never fear me. They may be afraid but in my hands they will know nothing but patience, kindness, and guidance. And that applies to their caregivers as well. I have been on the other side and know exactly how it feels to be in the middle of something you don’t understand. I will use every skill I have, every ounce of knowledge I can gain, to support each being in the process.
I am committed to teaching people and dogs how to navigate the world they share through education and communication, empathy and compassion; Here to help people understand the vital connection between the species and to help them see and  love their dogs for who they truly are.
Behavior change is not about forcing the animal into situations that are based on unreal expectation. It is about helping that dog and that family live an expression of their best selves. I practice evidence-based training methodologies to address the underlying causal relationship between emotion and behavior. No dog should ever be intimidated for feeling badly.