Behavior Counseling

Rocky makes a Friend

Dogs have a unique capacity for emotion. Unfortunately, they do not have the spoken word to rely on when trying to communicate their fear and stress. Sometimes they experience the world much differently than we expect. And these perceptions can trigger new, and for most, unexpected behaviors. Keeping in mind that anxiety and fear are the underpinnings of most aggressive displays, Cooperation Canine focuses on addressing the root of the emotional response to change the behavior. A dog that is punished or treated negatively for simply showing us how he/she is feeling, regardless of how that looks, will continue to get worst until the desired result is achieved. This is most always relief from the stressor.

If you suspect that your dog is struggling with some kind of emotional distress and exhibiting questionable behavior, let us know. We can schedule an evaluation which includes a written assessment and a training plan outline. After the evaluation, the behavior plan is implemented. Your dog can make progress. Please note that some issues are a matter of management and adjustment. Unwanted behavior can be modified but aggression can not be “cured.” Any trainer who suggests they can “fix” your dog and uses methods involving pain, dominance, or intimidation should be avoided.

Evaluation. We will come to your home and observe your dog in its environment, take a detailed history and do some exercises that will help us to determine the issues and how to move forward. You can expect a written evaluation with a training plan outline within one week of the visit. The plan typically includes strategies that you can use immediately. Training protocols will most likely require follow up visits.  The cost is $225. (There is a discount for any dog who is within 1 month of being adopted or rescued. That fee would be $195.)

Work Sessions/Follow Up Visits: After the evaluation is complete, work can begin. Our hourly rate for work sessions focused on behavior modification cases, including but not limited to fear, aggression, resource guarding, reactivity, etc., is $95 – $120* per hour. (There is a discount for any dog who is within 3 months of being adopted or rescued. That would be $75 – $100 per hour.) We will provide an estimate for you after the evaluation is complete.

*This rate applies to dogs with a history of one or more damaging bites.
Travel: There is a travel fee for appointments outside of a 10 mile radius from Rehoboth, MA. It is $1.00 per mile, round trip.

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