Group Classes

Group training classes are sponsored by the RISPCA and taught by several affiliate trainers. Trainers are selected based on availability. As soon as a class is scheduled, the attending trainer will contact you. All classes are held in the auditorium at the shelter. A percentage of class proceeds are donated back to the RISPCA. The group class categories are as follows:

Puppy Foundations
This class is loosely structured and meets weekly. Vaccinated puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks can just drop-in. This group will focus primarily on socialization and foundational learning. It will give you the ability to respond to your puppy in order to get things off on the right paw. You will learn about body language, puppy rearing, body handling and reinforcing good behavior. And of course, we will cover some basic cues like Sit, Down, Come and Follow Me. If your pup has been training already and you need some extra play time or a quick refresher, stop by and see us.

Cost: $20 per 1 hour session

Adult Basics

You will cover all basic obedience cues in addition to some problem-solving techniques for common complaints like jumping and leash walking. This is a 5 week class. Start dates are selected once there is a minimum of four dogs preregistered. This class is open to all dogs over the age of 20 weeks.

Cost: $150 for a 5 week program

Canine Good Citizen Preparation
This is our level 2 class. Adult Basics with us or another training school is a prerequisite. At the end of the six weeks, your instructor will evaluate the progress made by both owner and dog. If certain milestone have been met, that dog will be eligible to test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Cost: $200 for a 6 week program. (There is additional fee of $15 for the AKC CGC test.)

Please fill out this form if you are interested in any of our group classes.

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